Essay On Digital Inclusion

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Understanding Digital Inclusion
The society in which we live in today is advancing towards the era of modernization in a very rapid manner. Dominated by the ever-changing developments of technology, most of us are directly or indirectly affected by the transformation which comes along with digital revolution. Being a tool which have transformed and have the capability to transform how we live and connect to one another, new technology is often regarded as a double-edged sword which is associated with social stratifications as it can either alleviate or exacerbate existing divisions in the society (Warschauer & al., 2004).
With this being said, if the disseminations of technologies such as computers and the Internet occurs evenly and are utilized to its highest potential, they are perceived as prevalent tools which are capable of boosting the acquisition of knowledge or skills among marginalized students whilst catering greater access to a broader information society (Cummins & Sayers, 1995). As opposed to that, concerns revolving around the inequality of access to modern technologies both at school and at home plagued many, as these inequalities might result in the increase of educational and social stratification, thereby generating a new form
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That is why it is important to note that “access” in this context is more than just the mere provision of equipment. It is, at the same time, associated with social inclusion and equity as well as the capacity of people to make “optimal use” of the technological resources that is available to them. With that being said, barriers such as inequities of access, level of digital literacy, languages, interest, costs, disability, as well as poor ICT environments should be resolved in order to ensure the effective use of
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