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NEGLECT ABUSE. Mrs P was at risk of neglect and harm from her son who was not supporting her needs for care and she has been abuse and neglected. Her personal hygiene was also not taken care of by her son, because of this abuse Mrs. P could not protect herself from neglect so she became withdrawn from herself. FINANCIAL OR MATERIAL ABUSE. Mrs. P’s son was using his mother’s money and her belongings as if they were his own without the permission of his mother. Her bills were not paid and some of her assets were old or thrown away, this is a gross abuse of financial and material abuse by her son. MENTAL HEALTH ABUSE. Many service users are likely to be abused by those who are supposed to protect them from harm and abuses. With Mrs. P because…show more content…
They become socially excluded from the community. Mrs P was isolated from her daughter, Mary by her son so she could not see what was happening in her mother’s home. This gave her son chance to misappropriate her mother’s finances and discarding her furniture. He was also blackmailing her, emotionally and isolating her. These are all routes to abuses. Disabilities- can be a factor to be abused, that can lead to social exclusion. Service users like Mrs. P who suffers from dementia can be exploited due to her illness. Some people with disabilities cannot be employed and also older people are not employed. Education- Because most of the service users are not educated, they’ll find it difficult to access information for their own use due to the lack of education and knowledge. If they had the right education they could have access the basic information needed to help them. This may be a factor of self-harm and abuse because education and knowledge is a powerful tool that gives people confidence and empowers them to know their rights to good treatment. Poverty is also a social exclusion factor because most service users do not have the right finances to afford good healthcare services for themselves or gain employment. The small amount of money they have like Mrs.P is being used by her son for…show more content…
This can lead to service users who have some health problems being given housing that can cause health issues, such as damp and poor ventilation. Adults and children living in dangerous neighbourhoods are found to be at a higher risk of neglect, physical abuse and sexual victimisation compared to those who live in a safer area. Ageism can also negatively affect detection of elder abuse as it common to view an elderly person who may be confused as someone who is suffering from dementia. Physical injuries may be masked and concealed by clothing or by isolating the victims from their friends and

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