Examples Of Direct Characterization Of The Great Gatsby

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In the book “The Great Gatsby” by F.Scott Fitzgerald Gatsby is supposedly this great character or man. I will be showing how the indirect characterization significantly influences a person’s interpretation of one character. Gatsby Characterization of being great will be explained with reasoning and text evidence.Gatsby is this character who is very special for certain reasons. One of the reasons Gatsby is so special is because he is a intelligent young man who attended Oxford University College. Gatsby family has a good reputation of all being a student Oxford College. From Gatsby going to Oxford College it makes him seem like he is very smart and knows what is going on most of the time. But in Reality Gatsby only attended Oxford because it is a family tradition.…show more content…
Gatsby is a rich gentleman for multiple reasons such as he has a organized orchestra group for his mansion parties that he throws every weekend. Gatsby throws all of his parties on the weekend because he hopes to see a girl named daisy. Daisy and Gatsby used to have feelings for each other until Gatsby became broke and she found another man named Tom Buchanan. Gatsby loved daisy so much because she was the very first nice girl he had ever met.Gatsby makes Daisy his dream because his heart demands a dream, not because Daisy truly deserves the passion that Gatsby feels for her.Gatsby mentor, Dan Cody had a yacht which inspired Gatsby to achieve his goal and live up to dream. Gatsby later in his life reached his goal of finding Daisy, but this so called great Gatsby wasn’t great at all, he was more of a shy and insecure Gatsby. Gatsby wanted to impress Daisy so he did multiple things such throw enormous parties, showed her multiple of his shirts, and cuts the grass and brings
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