Disaster Recovery Plan Essay

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A disaster recovery plan is a detailed process for the recovering of the information or an IT system in the events of catastrophic disasters such as arson or flood. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan should be taken into consideration by the manufacturing company, the location of the backup information. Most organizations usually store the backup information in an off-site facility where there is stowage and where the disaster plan foresees that the possibility is that not only the computer equipment’s but also the building where all the employees work may also be destroyed. The company needs to setup a hot site in a safe area. A hot side is separate facility that is built, being fully equipped where all the equipment’s at the company…show more content…
The action by the first team will be taken into action in the event of the disaster. The team needs to evaluate the disaster and should determine what steps need to be taken so that the industry gets the organization back to business as usual.
The key performance indicator or the key risk indicator suggests that organizations increasingly acknowledge the need to manage the significant types of risks and from all the proactive sources. There is department needs go recognise the risks that can be managed using the variety of tools. The additional recognition is that KPI is a risk management tool and this can complement the other techniques in the ERM toolkit. The reality is that the organizations have too many KPIs which results in the unmanageable situation of not being able to focus upon the most significant ones. The examples of the KPI in the information technology system is the usage versus the capacity, the number of systems that needs to be upgraded or versions to be released and the number of the help desk calls. The KPIs are affiliated with the tactical operational goals of the
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