Examples Of Discourse Communities

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A Discourse community is a group of people who contribute a selective intrest and use a certain type of language to communicate with each member in the community. A register is another type of way in which something is explained or written and can be very important the meaning of the message. We interact with each other in many various ways , such as texting, e- mailing , talking , in person , social medias or even letters which allows us to get the messages as fast as we can and get things done . A few examples of discourse communities who would use diffrent various types of languages within their area of expertise include teachers, doctors, and scientists .How ever those are not the only professional occupations that are identified as a discourse community , the languages that are used towards friends, teachers, and family while doing hobbies or our general daily day lives are different depending on who we…show more content…
I came to a conclusion that choosing a soccer team was a excellent example of a discourse community and fitted with all of Swales Characteristics . It was very clear that every soccer team has a common public goal which is winning their matches including scoring numerous of goals to the opposite team, and not willing to let their opposite team do the same. They have a specific lexis that are used off and on between the field like the scoreboard, through ball, and square which makes them communicate between their teammates . One last thing is the communication that is used throughout the team which lets them notify them through modern technology like smart phones, texting, e-mailing, and even sending pictures of their schedules of games and practices. After doing numerous of experiments, investigations, and interviews of a soccer team it is very evident that a soccer team fits the illustrative definitation of the Swales Discourse
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