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Students Name Professors Name Course Date Discourse Community Ethnography The introduction of the notion of communicative competence has been positive in the sense that communication is now conceived as a result of the successful application of not only grammatical but also pragmatic knowledge and skills. Nevertheless, this has not changed the perspective many instructors had of language, because pragmatic information has usually been presented as an auxiliary component which is to be used only when grammatical explanations are difficult or impossible. The result is that for many language educators here is still a core clement about which they have to be especially careful grammatical competence. The communicative approach to language teaching…show more content…
Otherwise, in an attempt to simplify or idealize the language they result in creating a artificial kind of communication, thereby depriving the learners of contextual indexes such as dialect, social relationship between the participants, or social function/definition of the communicative situation, which the community make or use in everyday social encounters. The pedagogic consequence which results from this is that the best way to contextualize language is simply to use real instances of language use, in which the full Potential of language can be appreciated by looking at its social…show more content…
Carter and McCarthy (1994) mention a series of core generic functions to organize the syllabus: reporting narrating, persuading, arguing, describing, instructing, etc. Each of these core generic functions is further subdivided into specific genres. For instance, information report weather report and progress report are three different realizations of reporting. Each of these realizations adopts a specific register according to the subject matter, the medium and the type of audience. Finally, it is possible to find texts which are the result of generic blends such as reporting and predicting, narrating and arguing or explaining and

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