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CMDS EEP Community
Discourse community is a group of people who sharing a common and district mode of communication or discourse, especially within a domain of intellectual or social activity. The Christ Methodist Day School (CMDS) Early Education Program (EEP) is devoted exceptional Christian elementary education for boys and girls through spiritual development, academic excellence, social responsibility and personal integrity. CMDS is a positive discourse community, because their goals, the people I work with, their accomplishments, and what they stand for. I did my research on how staff members, parents, and students join and why they choose CMDS as their community. In 1975, a committee was appointed by the Commission on Education of Christ
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Children’s talents and abilities are acknowledged and reinforced to teachers. Each student is encouraged to develop a sense of Christian values toward family, school, society, and self. Appropriate teaching methods and challenging expectations allow students to reach their potential as independent learners. Students are provided learning opportunities in a safe, appealing, and Christian environment. The learning environment respects other ethnic, cultures, and religious diversity among churches, teachers, parents, and community (CMDS Parent Handbook). These goals are established for students and teachers to become bright leaders of a…show more content…
Tiffani and Mrs. Tivia, they are so helpful and make my job much easier. We work as a team to educate two-years-old children on basic life learn lessons. We divide the children up into groups, depends on how many we get that day, and we do different activities with the children. Mrs. Tiffani group was Reading: she reads to them, teach them their alphabets, and their weeks and months. Mrs. Tivia group was Science: teach them their colors, the weather, and have different items to teach and describe how things feel. My group was Math: I teach them their numbers, how to count, and add and subtract. My team members work together to help the little kids be ready for big school.
Their accomplishments at CMDS are to believe that everyone is a creation of God-a unique expression of His will. The teachers, parents, and students are faithful to the task of helping each other develop to his or her full potential. My team and I, teach the younger two-years-old the basic of life learn lessons. They learn how use the toilet, count to ten, know the alphabets, how to say their name and their friends name. As a teacher at CMDS, I believe that learning is enhanced when the home, the school, the community, and the church work together to help each child become a leader in

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