Examples Of Discourses In The Gospel Of John

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In the Gospel of John, Chapter 6, are three discourses that show us the love of God. In the Letters of John the love of God is expressed in loving one another. In all three discourses and the in Letters of John, is the knowledge that God watches over us. In Chapter 6 of the Gospel of John there are three discourses: the Multiplication of the Loaves, Walking on the Water and the Bread of Life. The similarity of the two discourses, the Multiplication of the Loaves and the Bread of Life is, I shall not want. In these two discourses people are being fed. In the Multiplication of the Loaves there were five loaves of bread and two fish that were multiplied out and fed to the crowd. In the Bread of Life discourse the bread never ends. The bread Jesus gives comes from heaven and is compared to the manna Moses fed the Israelites as they were leaving Egypt. In the two discourses, there are two different purposes. In the Multiplication of the Loaves, the purpose is to share what little you have, in the Bread of Life discourse the purpose is understanding who Jesus Christ really is. The purpose of the discourse, Walking on the Water, is the miracle in relation to the…show more content…
Not long after leaving the shore, the sea began to get rough as the wind became strong and began to toss their boat around in the water. They could no longer use the sail and so they had to row the boat themselves. The winds were fierce and rowing became extremely difficult. All their effort was put into fighting the high waves and trying to get across the sea safely. After rowing three or four miles and they found themselves getting close to the shore, they looked up and saw Jesus walking on the water. Even though they did recognize Jesus, they were afraid. Jesus saw their fear and told them not to be afraid, which quieted their anxiety and they went on, easily to the shore. Jesus was showing the disciples he was

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