The Importance Of Domestic Violence Against Women

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There are many injustices going around the world especially injustice against women. For instance, there are lots of “old fashion generation” still think that women born to serve men and they don’t believe in gender equality. In fact, women are becoming more important than any of the periods in human’s history and they do contribute lots thought our world. Nowadays, there are many countries provide laws to protect women, but in some particular countries women still don’t have the rights to guarantee their own values. Although, people are more open minded compare to the past few decades, we can see that women are still treated unfairly in many places today especially in domestic violence against women, discrimination against women and workplace inequality…show more content…
Opponents claim that male is sometimes abused by partner. According to data from the Crime Survey for England and Wales, at least 4% of men aged 16-59 experienced domestic abuse. However, proponent argue that most of the facts show that domestic violence is more often directed toward women. According to the investigation of NGO (Non Government Organization), “there are 1 in 4 women will experience abuse by their partner during her lifetime”.Imagine if you are one of those women what would you think. Unfortunately, there are still many of the women victims don’t dare to report their issue to the police because they afraid will receive punishments by their own partner.(Council of Europe, 2002) This shows that domestic violence against women can be seen as a consequence of the inequalities by men and women due to male
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