Examples Of Discrimination And Discrimination In Minority Groups

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Discrimination and injustice towards those in minority groups is a constant and reoccurring problem and debate. What really is discrimination? Is it justified? Is it wrong? Controversial articles and posts are made everyday on social media, television and news, but nobody really stops to think about what is actually happening underneath the surface since discrimination used to be a popular non-frowned upon act.
Discrimination, also known as bigotry, is act of making distinct favours against a person, group, class or category due to personal beliefs. Some examples include race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and other characteristics.
LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bi, transgender.

Same sex couples, also known as homosexual or gay couples/partners, have few reasons to not be allowed to adopt children, but nonetheless still valid reasons such as lack of providing necessary differed gender influences whilst growing up and the fact that the children could be put in danger due to the already very real threat of homophobes (people against same sex couples) and anti-gay violence. Although there are factors for people believing they shouldn’t be allowed to adopt, there are far more reasons why they should which outweighs the reasons against. They include the basic human rights of equality, believe it or not; actually helps reduce overpopulation whilst helping and nurturing the less fortunate children, provide an accepting an

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