Examples Of Discrimination In Asian American Society

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Asian Americans, an ethnic group mistreated by society from the beginning of their arrival in America up until now with no ending on the horizon. For many decades Asian Americans have lived their lives faced with prejudices and oppression and even racial discrimination by the American society. Many individuals in the Asian American communities are unaware or just ignore the fact that they are oppressed by the American society. Asian Americans, to a degree, even face racial segregation which is ever so present with labeling of small areas of towns where certain ethnics congregate as Chinatown, Little India, Little Saigon, Japan Town, etc. For decades, Asian Americans endure and continue to endure this unjust treatment of their minority group…show more content…
Being discriminated against is a downright painful experience that the Asian American communities are faced with on a daily basis and continue to endure with no ending in sight because the American society continues to feel that this mistreatment of a minority ethnic group is okay. The root cause of where these ideologies about Asian Americans stem from is because of the history of Asian immigration. Bao Phi’s “reverse racism” is a good example of what Asian Americans have endured at the hands of the American society. For example, Phi says, “I 'm gonna take every white man from his job and force him to construct light rail transit systems for 50 cents an hour. When they 're done I 'll make sure they are moved to a special little section of town that we 'll call Whiteyville.” (Phi, “Reverse Racism” 00:00 – 00:17). In this segment Phi depicts how Asians were brought over to America from their jobs to build train tracks for low wages and when they were finished they were all loaded up and dropped off into small plots of land and designated that area of town after their…show more content…
Asian Americans are subjected to fictitious stereotypes on a daily occurrence that American people believe are accurate. For instance, Mary Im’s work titled “To the Lady that Thinks She Knows” discusses how the American public believes that they know about the history of an ethic group based on what they observe through various media sources. They blatantly conjure up that all Asian people have the same background history and ignore an individual’s personal history when making statements about them. For example, In Mary Im’s piece, she states “You’ve never grown up with Cambodian traditions and seen other “Americans” go to dances. You’ve never moped at home on a Friday night and wished you could go to the movies with your “American” friends. You’ve never tried to translate to both “Americans” and “Khmers” because you’ve never experienced people mimic you.” (Im, “To the Lady that Thinks She Knows”). Mary Im is criticizing Americans for their assumptions about an individual’s culture without having experienced it. Im goes on to utter how Americans never experienced having to translate between native and foreign language because somebody mimicked them. Mary Im also states “You’ve never seen your grandma sit behind a sewing machine and work her ass off to pay for shelter, food, clothing, and luxury things for her grandkids on the other side of the world, living with strangers.” (Im, “To the Lady that Thinks She Knows). Mary Im is pointing out how the general public thinks
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