Examples Of Discrimination In Avatar

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Discrimination In the film Avatar it is made very evident at the beginning of the film that the humans have a prejudice towards the Navi. There are many scenes where the corporal reffered to the natives as unkind, discriminating names eg. Flea bitten savages, blue monkeys etc. The discrimination for the Navis culture and way of life relates to issue of Refugees coming into Australia. Many Australians believe that they have ownership over Australia and regard themselves as better and more worthy. The discrimination that is present in Avatar is a good reminder to Australians of the injustices that inflicting upon refugees. Greed The desire for wealth and power in Avatar is relevant to the same issue in Australian society. In Avatar it is made very clear by the leader that the only reason for them being their and their actions were for the wealth. The drive for the money meant that the humans disreguarded auything and everything in their path. The lust corrupted their humanity and caused them to murder and destroy. For Australians and just about everyone else in the world, one of their main goals in life is to obtain wealth and power. There is a major issue about how there is a lack of consideration for the environment. Big businesses and oil companies are destroying the environment by carbon emissions. They are laying a blind eye to what their actions are causing. Their jobs mean money for them and they don’t consider the major effects their actions are causing just like in Avatar. The humans didn’t take the Navis sacred sites and environment into account, they just did it for the money.…show more content…
Despite the fact that the humans knew they were intruding. The humans believed that they were better than the Navi and didn’t trust them as
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