Aboriginal Discrimination In Canada

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How different would life be if your nation was discriminated and seen as unequal to the rest of the people in your country? Unfortunately, this is a major problem in the Indigenous community of Canada today. Discrimination against the Indigenous dates back to early European settlement, and although efforts have been made in recent generations to make the country a mosaic of peoples and cultures, a recent poll suggests that more than one-third of respondents believe racism against Indigenous people is increasing in Canada. Although the Indigenous are considered the “First Peoples of Canada,” they are continuously being discriminated because of their ethnicity / race, they are being unreasonably searched, and they are not receiving the basic…show more content…
In fact, it can be quoted by Emily Hill, advocacy director at Aboriginal Legal Services in Toronto, who says, "We see that in many areas there has been no improvement and in some areas it's gotten worse.” It was also mentioned that many Aboriginal people were unaware that they had legal rights that were to be treated with respect and without discrimination. That being said, this proves that the amount of discrimination they receive was enough for them to be unconscious of the fact that their rights were to protect them. Although this may be true, some people may argue that this isn’t a serious issue, and that discrimination occurs everywhere. However, the murder rate of Indigenous women is 3.5 times higher compared to other women in Canada, according to a report released by the RCMP. This example proves that to the Indigenous, the discrimination has been taken to a far higher level with murder of loved ones involved, and this counter-argument is inferior to the voices of the broken families. Now, this happens because the Canadian government either doesn’t bother to enforce the security in the Indigenous community, or that they aren’t educating the First Nations in health and well-being, even though the government is making the “citizens” of Canada, their top priority. Throughout the Vicelands Cut-off, many of Indigenous people from the community, where Justin Trudeau was visiting kept on questioning the actions of the Liberal government, which emphasizes the fact that they either did not vote for the party, or the elected government wasn’t fulfilling the needs of the people. In particular, there was an old Aboriginal woman who didn’t know who Justin Trudeau even was, emphasizing that she had absolutely no hope in the democratic system. This
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