Examples Of Discrimination In The Holocaust

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Anti-Semitism and Discrimination of the Jewish People Before and Leading up to WW1

Anti-Semitism in the dictionary means hostility to or prejudice against Jews. It has been a problem for the Jewish people ever since the times of the Egyptian Pharaoh’s and there on to about World War 2. The Pharaohs believed that the rapid growth of the Israelite people was a problem waiting to happen because they were thought to side with Egypt’s enemies. The Jewish people do not have a place to call their own so they become parts of other nations. Though the issue with them becoming part of another nation is the citizens already there have the thought of them wanting to take over the nation. These thoughts have been pushed around Europe and the Middle East
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There was a holiday that was made in remembrance of the Holocaust called Yom HaShoah. The Israeli Parliament created this day to remember the Jews lost during the genocide. The date was chosen because it was close to the date of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising of 1943. On this holiday the Jewish say prayers and light candles for those that were lost during that time. The survivors were never the same after the ordeal, many had really horrible traumatic experiences during when this happened to them or their family friends. One survivor exclaimed that, “together we have been charged with this mission to talk because we are the last living generation to have borne witness to this, and so we have a tremendous responsibility to make it known to the world in our lifetime.” This tells us that they want us to know and remember what had happened to the Jewish people and so that it never happens again to any other group or ethnicity of people or religion. In another account by a survivor named Sam Bankhalter he explained how his sister suffers still because she thought it was her fault that her mother was killed because she gave her child to her mother before they got to the camp and anyone holding a child would immediately go into the crematorium to be burned. After the war the church said that Anti-Semitism was against the beliefs of the Christian people because they are supposed to “Love thy Neighbor”. As a group the Jewish have been discriminated against for a long time because they did not have a place of their own for a long time and that they were a traveling people. In the nations that they entered the leaders did not like them because they though their large numbers would try to throw out the native peoples of the area. Another thought was that they were trying to take over the world and that was never the case, they just wanted a place to call their own or the
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