Examples Of Discrimination In The Kite Runner

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Discrimination is accurately depicted in the novel The Kite Runner through the relationships between social classes within Afghanistan, in America, and through the gender inequality within Afghani culture. These forms of discrimination are very significant because it is usually one of the main factors in most wars, and set off the main conflict of the story. To begin, the Pashtuns are at the top of the hierarchy in Afghan society and consistently show their prejudice towards the Hazaras through their authority, harassment and alienation of those people. It is shown that the Pashtuns have more power through the role of the Hazaras in Amir and Baba’s life. Although Baba never specifically mistreats Ali and his son, they are still servants…show more content…
Men are typically viewed as more powerful and intelligent, while the women are seen as weak, and their only purpose for living is to please men. It is shown at the beginning at the novel that only males talk about politics and work. Baba and Rahim talk about business, and “…” All the political leaders mentioned are also male. Also, women are portrayed as feeble, and it is shown when Hassan’s mother is discussed near the beginning of the novel. She is known to sleep with many men and a guard who spoke to Hassan said that she “…”. It is clear that her character is seen as someone who cannot control herself. Moreover, when there are no females to please the men, males are forced to dress as woman and perform sexual acts on whoever is forcing them to do so. An example of this is when Taliban soldiers make Sohrab wear a dress, makeup and fancy jewelry. Through Amir’s description of the situation, Sohrab looked “…” which assumes that Sohrab is raped regularly. All of this shows that women do not have any personal worth, and it is another form of discrimination seen in the novel that contribute to the oppression of the people. It is another ugly element of war and

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