Examples Of Disobedience

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Disobedience has always been a pesky human trait. It has led to the downfall of empires and the establishment of new ones. In his claim about disobedience, Oscar Wilde is correct because disobedience leads to positive changes that would not have occurred otherwise. One of the greatest examples of disobedience leading to social progress is the American Revolution. Not only did this revolution influence others, such as the French and Haitian revolutions, it led to the creation of a new country with different ideals and views. Initially, it began with the miserable acts set upon the colonists by Great Britain in the late 18th century. An increased tax on the colonies after the French and Indian war greatly angered the colonies and aroused the…show more content…
After the emancipation proclamation and the Plessy v. Ferguson Case, African-Americans lived in the United States segregated with unfair treatment and racism. This led to the rise of poor quality services and housing for their communities. They were also poorly treated at businesses, schools, and even in the military. The fight for quality and integration can be seen in World War Two, a few decades before the movement led by Dr. King. THE Tuskegee Airmen were pilots during World War Two that fought and served for the country. Their main priority was fighting for the integration in the army since even in the military African-Americans were segregated. Later, President Truman would change this with an executive order that would integrate all units, and thus the first movements came to be. Two decades later, Dr. King would lead the civil rights movement through peaceful, non-violent protest that disobeyed laws at the time. This included boycotts such as the one on Montgomery buses which would have African-Americans sit at the back of the bus. The Supreme Court Case, Brown v Board of Education, also led to the integration of schools which helped the cause of the movement. Dr. King's "I have a dream" speech inspired more people to the cause and brought it more attention. The civil rights movement was very disobedient in some ways, but did lead to great social progress in the country. Whether it's a revolution, rebellion, or boycott, disobedience is an inevitable trait of humans. Disobedience has shaped the course of history for many years and has brought the many rights and freedoms, at least in the United States, that many people take for
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