Cultural Disparities In Health Care

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As of this time, we have addressed the issues of disparities in healthcare that have been lingering amongst us for a few centuries. We have also touched on the topic of competencies in the healthcare system as well. In life the will always be something with an issue, now, let’s discuss the solutions. First, let’s just do a quick recap of the ‘issues’ we are addressing that are the reasons we are discussing a few solutions. The first, issue was the healthcare disparities, as you should remember disparities in healthcare mean that there are many distinct correlations between the lack of healthcare and certain ethnic and racial minorities. There has been little advancement made during this time to decrease these disparities.
“Recent studies
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Effective understanding and communication is a vital key in healthcare and is very important to improve everyone’s health and wellbeing. By doing so, we then build healthier communities. These ethical and racial groups need to be recognized and addressed because of their cultures, languages and/or health literacy of these diverse patients and their communities.
“The ideas people have about health, the languages they use, the health literacy skills they have, and the contexts in which they communicate about health reflect their cultures. Organizations can increase communication effectiveness when they recognize and bridge cultural differences that may contribute to miscommunication.”
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When we are directly at the table, we can be a voice and provide guidance and leadership in all areas and to all involved with those areas. We as medical professionals need to remember that the true objective to building the social aptitude, nurse professionals should be informed on how to present medical and health information, treatments, and basically any healthcare material in a socially competent way. But different sorts of classes have been created the country over, and these actions have not really been organized or incorporated into our healthcare planning for success. As the medicinal professionals, we need to implement educational classes and material that are effective in both decreasing diversity and enhancing cultural healthcare competencies. Healthcare equality for each and every individual no matter culture, race, educational status, etc. we made an oath to our communities and we should continue to fight for what’s right for
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