Disrespect To Teenagers: A Case Study

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Many people experience disrespect from young teenagers. The society sees disrespect differently from different points of views. Danielle Bregoli Peskowitz, a young teenage girl only 14 years of age (present age) became famous for being on the show Dr. Phil on September of 2016. Danielle was brought in by her mother Barbara Ann, because her teenager could not maintain a good life without being trouble. Disrespect to oneself and disrespect to others can be very different. Danielle became famous on the internet from her “savageness,” making the show she was on go viral with so many views and shares on all social media. She had no respect for herself or for her mother. Although her mother was the one who went through so much trouble for Danielle. and tried many ways to keep her daughter out of trouble. The mother of this young teenage girl…show more content…
Like Danielle, many other teenagers often disrespect their parents and lose their own self-respect and dignity at a very young age. Danielle was getting into trouble and always having problems with the police from actions she had committed. Some of these crimes included committing rebellious actions for a young teenager; such as stealing cars or leaving home when she wanted without returning, stealing from stores, and even fighting in public. Many kids and young teenagers after seeing this type of behavior once, are highly influenced to start to act in similar ways like this young teenage girl did. Her mother tried many things to get her off the streets, because being on the streets had nothing good for her. Many kids now seem to be out of the house more often, and parents do not realize what they might be going through and experiencing. There are many kids that find many ways to feel free and get their minds off the trouble that their home life may be giving

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