Examples Of Distrust In The United States

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Capitalism, freedom, liberty During my lifetime, Gallop polls specify that Americans, overwhelmingly, trust the government “only some of the time, with the exception of the time immediately following 9/11. I, personally, became aware of the distrust by my own family during the 2008 economic fallout of the middle class. It was during this time, I came to the realization that the government was responsible for much of the hardships experienced by my family. We witnessed the demolition of the middle class, the bailout of the banks, inflation, the wars, the political scandals, and the never-ending blame game, just to name a few. The list is endless. Now, the distrust is just as strong in my family because of all the mistruths thrust on us by the current administration. As far as increasing public trust, I believe that we should have a public accountability of…show more content…
With the deficit where it is, someone needs to answer to the absorbent amount of waste and fraud that goes on in this country. Transparency in this area would greatly increase my family’s trust in our government, as I’m sure that it would for millions of other middleclass, hardworking Americans. Political equality means that every citizen has the equal right to vote. Yes, it is true, that this has not always been the case, but “one person, one vote” is the principle in which political equality is applied to all those who vote on every law and policy of their society are given political equality; If one chooses not to vote, then he/she, in essence, chooses political inequality. Social and economic equality are based on so many different factors. The family to which you are born has a huge impact on your
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