Examples Of Divergence In Translation

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Translation: Translation is an act of interpretation of meaning of a text in one language and subsequent production of an equivalent or nearly equivalent text in another language that is able to yield the same message found in the source language. Translation is one of the best means of borrowing ideas from different communities. This was historically done between various civilizations when there were huge literary translations so that there was exchange of literature corresponding to both arts and technology. In recent times there have been long term efforts to create an automated transformation which may partially or totally automate the process of translation. But as translation is a complex task, which has various factors like syntax and semantics that should be preserved while…show more content…
What is divergence? Divergence in translation arises when the sentences in source language are realized in a different manner in the target language. It is necessary to understand how different linguistic and extra linguistic constraints play decisive roles in translation resulting in divergences and other issues. Proper identification and understanding these problems are important in both manual and machine translation. Moreover, resolution of such problems is a pre-requisite for generating good translation in target language. Divergences occur at different levels and severely affect the quality of a translation. The underlying principles for divergences are attributed to those cases where the basic concept of a sentence in the source language is expressed and distributed over different words or a series of different words in the target language (Dash 2004). As a language-dependent phenomenon, divergence may affect quality of a translation and reduce authenticity of a translated

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