Examples Of Diversity In Literature

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The diversity of literature Literature, refers to written works such as books that have been published. Variety in writing goes past ethnicity. It may incorporate the different features of sexuality and sex, social, and societal gatherings. It may also reflect the lives and interest of all such as the diverse experiences that everyone can have in life despite ethnicity or other things in that nature. Regardless of whether characters in the books we read reflect others or ourselves, what is most critical is interfacing with them in ways that allow us to comprehend our identity today. Here and there finding out about our history through the eyes of various characters can be agitating or even agonizing, yet it additionally can be an enlivening to the obscure. Diversity in literature is also important because it has some influence on how different people are seen or not by some other cultures according to literature. When analyzing literary works, we must first see the structure of the work such as plot, which is the way that the author arranges the ideas or incidents that have place in the story. We also must take a close look to the character which is essential to the plot, without characters the writing would not have a true sense. Another part of the structure is the setting. The setting is were the story takes place, it also gives the reader the context for the characters on the story, and reflects and symbolize the emotions of the characters. Other important
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