Examples Of Diversity

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Diversity, it’s a beautiful thing! I love to see diversity in everything and everywhere. With diversity define in so many ways and people with similarities and differences in people that make up of a community. Diversity is human identity; there are really no two people alike. Diversity to me is many different facets of culture and with in these cultures we have different views and beliefs. Diversity means we are all equal but not the same. These differences are very important to understand but should not be used to predict a person’s value. I see myself as representing a form of diversity by being a black woman in a predominately white community. I feel I bring diversity pretty much everywhere I go. It does not bother me that I am the only black female, in most circumstances I am in. I know that culture plays a huge part in this. My mom has always struggled while raising her kids in great neighborhoods, while always being the only black family in our neighborhood. So as far as defining what culture I consider myself to be part of; within values, beliefs or principles that programs us all. If I would have to define my culture cause no one is cultural free and with my cultural road map; it would be with the white culture. I do know even among the white culture, people are all cultural programed differently. So this is why I identify with the culture road map of the majority! So I see my self-representing a form of diversity by being a multicultural, multiethnic to most
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