Examples Of Divine Law In Antigone

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Standing for what you believe in and knowing what 's right and wrong is important . In the play, Antigone, Sophocles demonstrates that through the conflict of the character. The play is a well-known tragic drama about the conflict between Antigone and her uncle Creon who is king of Thebes. Both characters have different beliefs, ideas and opinions regarding divine law and civil law.The conflict between civil and divine law through Antigone and Creon, shows how vital one 's beliefs and how it impacts the outcome of the play. A reader can Identify which law is more essential in the play by taking a look at how the laws influences the characters and the outcome of the play Both Antigone and Creon go at it expressing each others beliefs and whether one is right or wrong.Throughout the play civil law is more significant and powerful. In Antigone the author Sophocles demonstrates the how important one 's moral beliefs is, through the actions of the characters and how the beliefs impact the outcome of the play.
Civil and divine law are the main conflict in the novel. Civil law which is enforced by Creon, is prevalent throughout the play because it 's believed that human law is, above all, basically civil law is the law of the people. Creon wants civil law because he has power and can control it, but he dislikes Divine law because he has no control(authority) over it.He feels pressured to prove himself because he 's a new king. Creon believes that the state and government are
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