Examples Of Dramatic Irony In Macbeth

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Yes, I think that people tend to get what they deserve, even though it may not always seem like it. When people make a bad decision they have to deal with the consequences that come from making that decision. Sometimes this can be a punishment such as being put in prison or being chastised by a parent. While other times people have to deal with the consequences mentally, dealing with the guilt of what they had done. In the end, it usually comes back to person in one way or another. In example, if a person attempts or does rob a bank, the cops are going to make an attempt to arrest them for their actions, while an innocent bystander won 't have to deal with being arrested. However, when people make good decisions they are often rewarded for their…show more content…
Dramatic Irony- Dramatic irony happens when the audience knows something that the characters in the story do not. An example of dramatic irony is when Meneith and Malcolm are speaking, saying that "It 's Birnam Wood. Let every soldier cut down a bough and carry it in front of him." (V.IV.5-7) This is an example of dramatic irony because of what the apparitions had told Macbeth. That he would only be defeated once Birnam Woods marches his way, and now, the soldiers are making it seem like the woods are marching.
I do not believe that Macbeth restored any of his nobility by the end of the book. If anything, I think he lost more of his nobility by the end of the book. Macbeth had become very overconfident by this point and it showed quite a bit during the couple of battles he had. You can see this when he is fighting Macduff, telling him that "You 're wasting your strength. You 'd find it just as easy to damage the intangible air with your sword as to make me bleed." (V.VIII.11-13) He doesn 't believe that any man could possibly harm him and thinks that he can easily defeat Macduff in this battle. During an earlier battle, it still showed and he had killed the boy without so much of a second thought about it. Macbeth no longer cares about what happens to others and you can see this when he receives the news of Lady Macbeth 's death. Macbeth responds to this by saying "She should have died at another time. There would have been a better moment for such news. Tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after-" (V.V.19-21). Even those that were once close to him, he has pushed to the side as just another subject and could care less about what happens to them as long as he remains king. Along this journey of Macbeth 's, any morals he once had were lost along the way, leaving him an evil and cruel person. In the end, Macbeth didn 't restore his nobility and has lost all of his moral
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