Examples Of Dramatic Irony In Shameless

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The television series Shameless depicts a dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher who is a single father of six children in which he spends most of his days on drugs and having misadventures while his kids learn to take care of themselves and survive with doing petty jobs to keep their house. Among the many characters are Fiona, Carl, and Frank. Fiona is the main protagonist who is like the mother of the family and maintains the family afloat but the other siblings have to do their part in the household. Carl is the second youngest boy in the family who has struggles with fitting in society and tries to find who he is by being apart of different groups. In season six, episode three of the series, each characters uses satirical and comedic devices to address social issues of poverty, society, and parenthood that is shown through verbal irony, dramatic irony and understatement. To begin with, the antagonist, Frank is portrayed a deadbeat, alcoholic dad…show more content…
This scene comes into play when the principal calls Carl in his office to discuss something with him. It is found that the principal said, “Heard you’re selling weapons, son… I want a Glock, a 9mm semi with an extended mag...Can’t have my bullet going through the shooter into some innocent kid.” It uses the dramatic irony because we can assume that they want the guns to protect themselves but also the students at school as well. Yet the target is society with the topic of gun violence as the principal mentions how there was a shooting nearby. It’s ironic because in a later scene, a kid got bummed and his lunch fell on the ground, causing a loud commotion which led the teachers to draw their weapons thinking that there’s a shooter. This will play a role in today’s society the debate over whether teachers should have a gun on them or
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