Examples Of Dramatic Monologue Of Lady Macbeth

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Lady Macbeth are you ready for Banquo 's funeral? No dear I 'm not ready, I will never be ready for the funeral of a man we killed. My dear wife you attended King Duncan 's funeral with no hesitation what 's the difference with Banquo 's funeral? He was your friend, your loyal friend. Keep your voice down! Are you trying to get us caught. No of course not dear. It doesn 't matter what you say honey you must attend this funeral. And why is that? She replied. Why, because we must lose this suspicion that is upon us. There has been talk around the castle that it 's was us who killed him. Who said that we killed him, I shall have them executed at once. No my wife you cannot do that we are already under heavy suspicion, that will tilt the scale more…show more content…
I know you overheard it and I would not be hesitant to put you to death like I did the others. Lady Macbeth pull out a knife from her panty drawer. The shiny blade made her shiver and fear. I told you Lady Macbeth I didn 't hear anything, will you please let me go? Lady Macbeth puts the knife to Scarlet 's throat. Lady Macbeth if you 're going to kill her do it quickly we are running late for Banquo 's funeral. “Don’t rush me”, she replied. Scarlet broke free of Lady Macbeth deadly grip and dashed toward the exit before they could grab her she was gone. We must find her at once Macbeth our lives our on the line! “What about Banquo’s funeral”? he replied. “Would you forget about his funeral? He 's gone and no one cares”, she screamed. After she said that they both dashed out the door. Meanwhile Scarlett is running through the city and is stopped by the guards. “Where are you going young lady”? One of the guards said. Before Scarlett could answer the question Lady Macbeth and Macbeth we 're approaching fast. “Get out of my way!” she screamed. The guards shocked by her screaming slowly moved away to free her path. Scarlet ran past the gates of the city in Into the Woods. “After her”! Macbeth yelled. You could see the veins popping out of his it was a scary sight. In a flash the guards are running after Scarlett Into the woods.They search for her until nightfall and didn 't find no sign of her. The guards went back to the entrance of the kingdom and told Lady

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