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I have been happily married to Cal for almost 18 years... He nearly walks on water.
I dream every few months that I find out (all different ways, different scenarios) that we aren’t really married. Sometimes in the dream he agrees to make it legal, in other dreams I move out or into the other bedroom... I always wake up heartbroken.
I tell him and he gets out the marriage license! This morning he told me he was going to get them framed and put on my nightstand!!
LOL, what do you think?
Our dreams of the nighttime are not random, nor are they meaningless mumbo jumbo. If this was a onetime dream, my advice would be to let it go; however, you are having recurring dreams. When you have the same dream over and over, it’s your subconscious, Angels, or whatever you choose to call it, way to alert you to an issue that you have been denying.
These are four possible dream meanings:
1. You have an inner desire to renew your vows.
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Her hair wasn't like she normally wore it. It was straight and the ends, about three inches or so, were colored blue, not a bright blue, more of a pastel subdued shade. I think there was some green in it, too. For some reason, she and some of her friends pulled into my driveway and were standing around talking. I came out on my side porch to see what’s going on and she steps up next to me. They stayed by the cars, while my neighbor came up to the porch to talk to me. She tried to make it seem she wasn't talking to me so the others wouldn't notice. She leans over to me and tells me that I need to leave because her husband was planning on burning down my house. I told her I can’t leave because I can’t afford it. She says something else, but it was garbled. I also asked her why her husband was harassing me and she said because he wanted it quiet around here. I think I also remember some comments about some of the words he called

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