Examples Of Drug Addiction In Requiem For A Dream

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It is a film that full of real stories that are always happening in the real life. The director Darren Aronofsky tried to show us a different types of addiction via the various characters in the movie. This movie have been known as a movie related to drug addiction, but it is not just about addiction, it may be about relationships inside a society. The society that full of unclear objectives for happiness and peace. The movie explained drugs in a deep way reaching a bad end or aim. Fantasy and illusion have been observed among characters due to their dreams and living in it. The movie concentrate on a part of human situations of illusion for example Harry the son of Sara Goldfarb who are also imagines things hope to be, and go faraway from reality. TV,Diet Pills, and Drug Addiction are the three sources of failing for the movie characters in “Requiem for a Dream”.
Requiem for a dream is a film so relentlessly grim that its reputation is largely built upon its hopelessness. It is also one of those rare films that is able to induce physical pain and discomfort on the viewer. Darren Aronofsky, who so clearly brings us into the minds of these addicts that we cannot help but sit there absolutely horrified at what’s become of each character. In that sense, Requiem for a dream is actually more unnerving and horrifying than most actual horror films. Drug addiction and dreaming are common and related to each other in this movie. All the characters in the film reached a hard
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