Examples Of Dysfunctional Relationships In Hamlet

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As human a person can’t survive by himself. He need to interact with another person at some point and these interaction leads to development of different relationships. These relationships brakes down to three type dominant, reciprocal and communal. Dominate relationship is where one person have more power than the other, on the other hand communal is where the persons have the same status and shares everything equally. Reciprocal is a give and take relationship where two persons exchanges things with equal value. The play Hamlet shows these different relationships throughout its plot. The play is about a prince, who tries to take revenge on the king after losing everything when his father dies and his uncle and his mom marries leading the uncle to become the new king who happened to kill the…show more content…
In the conversation between Polonius and Hamlet Polonius addresses Hamlet as “My Lord” (2.2 line 200) and this shows that Polonius has a lower status than Hamlet. Similar idea is seen when Hamlet states “These tedious old fools!” (2.2 line 235) This shows that Hamlet is able to call someone older than him a:”fool” without any concern of consequences but Polonius has to address him as “lord”. This also can be spotted when Hamlet kills Polonius and specks the line “How now, a rat? Dead for a ducat, dead!” (3.4 line 28) This shows that Hamlet thinks of Polonius as rat that he has killed and his life means nothing to him. Identification In the exchange of words between Hamlet and Polonius Hamlet constantly makes fun of Polonius and this can be seen when he sates “Words, words, words.” Though this line hamlet shows Polonius that he has gone mad and at the same time he elicits how he uses “words” to insult and prove dominance over Polonius without him realizing anything. By using characterization and puns Hamlet is able to have dominance over
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