Examples Of Dystopia In Animal Farm By George Orwell

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What is an utopia? What is dystopia? How does a society change from one to the other? George Orwell’s fable, Animal Farm, is a great example of how a utopia can be fleeting or even nonexistent. The story begins with a farm, a drunk, and a dream. Manor Farm is a farm in England run by a terrible man and drunk, Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones a is a cruel farmer and mistreats the animals, often forgetting to feed them due to passing out at the local tavern. Final the animals had enough. Led by a a old and wise pig the animals plan their revolution. Everything is looking great, the animals have taken control of the farm, they have formed a Utopia. Then everything changes, as time passes the pigs take more and more control. There is once again cruelty, fear,…show more content…
Animal Farm itself symbolizes Soviet Russia under the rule of The Communist Party. But more generally it can also stand for any society. It simply symbolizes a nation, with all its internal structure. The pigs symbolize the government, the working mind of the body, making the decisions and controlling the people. The dogs are shown as the police force or military, enforcing the government 's word. And the working class, represented by all the other animals. They also have traditions, and holidays like any other nation. The windmill is also a big symbol, representing the industrial revolution and how the government uses the working class to obtain more power. The pigs exploit Boxer and his fellow workers to build the windmill which will eventually be used to supply the pigs with more money for food and alcohol. None of which would go to the working class. Laying the blame of the destruction of first windmill on Snowball shows the manipulation of the government in order to prevent the other animals from doubting them. One other important symbol is the songs. Animal Farm includes many songs, poems and slogans all used as propaganda. In the very beginning Old Major teaches the animals “Beasts of England”. This song is taught and spread to start the revolution for all animals. Later, Napoleon teaches the sheep to bleat the slogan “Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad” during Snowball 's speeches. This often lost the fight for Snowball and helped Napoleon in his rise to
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