Examples Of Dystopia In Night By Elie Wiesel

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The world could be a definition of a utopia or a dystopia, though our world tends to be leaning towards a dystopia. This world we live in is filled with depression, hate, and even pain because all the conflicts and deaths that is happening all around the world. A point in history that is a clear example of a dystopian society was the Holocaust. Elie Wiesel’s memoir, Night, shows a normal child during the Holocaust being put through camps after camps as a result of being Jewish. He was forced to grow up fast; having to take care of his father, encountering millions of deaths, and tortured by the S.S. Guards, living a life like no child should. Elie Wiesel reveals the characteristics of a dystopia through his experiences to prove how the Holocaust is an example of a dystopian society.…show more content…
Adolf Hitler played a huge role during the Holocaust, the reason being that he was the leader of the Nazi. The Nazis followed Hitler like he was a God, doing everything he tells them to do. In the memoir, Elie had the right to hate Hitler, however, he quoted, “I have more faith in Hitler than anyone else.” (Wiesel, 81) Elie didn’t know who to trust anymore, the only one who kept their promise was Hitler, even though it was negative towards Elie and the rest of the Jews. Therefore, Elie had trust towards Hitler because he kept his promise. The point is that the fact the people gave power to Hitler, without them worshipping him, he would have never had enough power to exterminate millions and millions of Jews and created this cruel
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