Examples Of Dystopia In The Maze Runner

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Dystopian Survival in James Dashner’s “The Maze runner” Abstract In the novel “The Maze Runner” James Dashner portrays the artificial society in the middle of flare. Dystopia is a representation of imperfect society and survival is one of the emerging themes in dystopian literature. Every human learned to survive in their certain society and made the pathways to their future. Dystopian literature would focus on the ruined society and it was important and hard to survive. James Dashner in his novel “The Maze Runner” tested the youngsters’ brain to seek their future in the middle of the pressure. The youngsters alone had to survive with their limited possibilities. Thomas, one of the teenagers helped the other to solve the maze and to escape the glade. With the arrival of Thomas in Glade, the life of the Gladers is explained. This article speaks about the dystopian society and how the Gladers manage to survive in the middle of unknown terror. The Content…show more content…
Dystopia is complete opposite Utopia, a well constructed and desirable society; a pleasant place to grow up for the citizens. The Utopian people are free to express their opinions, keep their individuality and can be free without any compulsion. It is highly imaginary positive world. Dystopia is also an imaginary world but with the dark side. The origin of the word ‘dystopia’ is from the Greek, means ‘bad place’; devoid of all comfortable; a place that appears perfect on the surface but is bad underneath. A dystopia is a future world that broadens and distorts modern day issues into an inexhaustible and dehumanized state in which controls have been forced upon society. The inhabitants have social and physical limitations which oppress many aspects of their
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