Examples Of Dystopian Society

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A lot can be learned from the examples of dystopian societies. In most cases, the government is corrupt in one way or another. It takes a character that is different from the rest of the society to realize the government is bad and try to make a difference in their world. Sometimes, those dystopian societies can be compared to some societies in the real world. In our country, we have a pretty decent government. Even though there will always be people who don 't agree with the current government is important to have a strong, stable government to protect people and their property, make and enforce laws, and it creates less contention and rebellion (Locke). It is important that we have a republic democracy in America, where the people can have a say in how our government is ran and who it is ran by. Having a government is extremely important. According to John Locke, in order to protect people’s natural rights, a government must be in place and people must be subject unto it. Without a government in place, people would just tear each other apart; people would kill others, steal or ruin property, and always be fighting. This is known as a “state of nature”, as thought of by Thomas Hobbes. A strong government is needed to protect people and their rights. As human beings, we all possess natural rights, which are rights that we have before we have a government. This could include the “struggle for survival” (Locke). However, because when people do not have a government or
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