Examples Of Dystopiar In The Giver

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“‘We gained control of many things. But we had to let go of others’” (Lowry 95). In the novel, The Giver by Lois Lowry, the main character Jonas is an Eleven, soon to be a Twelve. At the ceremony of Twelve a person’s Assignment is chosen. Jonas is selected to be the next Receiver of Memory. He receives memories from the current Receiver, who is now called the Giver, about what life used to be like a long time ago. Jonas learns about the pain that used to exist, and all the emotions that people had. In Jonas’s society everyone is equal in everyway, but in order for this to be achieved, people had to give up many things. Although the idea of altering society to a utopia seems ideal, the result would still be dystopian because of the loss of control in one’s choices such as the variety in families, the way death is handled, and how the old in society is cared for. Families are essential for a flourishing society.(<change) (add sentence here) It was explained, “Two children-one male, one female- to each family unit” (Lowry 8). This shows how people are limited to the number of people in one family, and how their families are controlled. In modern society, a couple is permitted to have any number of children that they wish to have. They have a freedom of choice in this area. Also, If a couple receives their first child, they are forced to apply for another. It’s all or nothing. Parents are only allowed one child of each gender. Once they are given a male, then they know their

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