The Importance Of Life Illustrated In Ernest Hemingway's The Road

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In most dystopias the author makes it seem like it’s a wonderful place to live but The Road is not like that at all. The father and son are well aware the world they live in is a awful place to be. The son knows he going to die sooner rather than later because of the ashes everywhere you go. The man gets up and walks to the edge of the little hill they slept on and starts coughing really bad and he looks up and starts talking to what someone would seem like himself but to him there was someone there and he started saying“Are you there? Will I see you at last? Have you a neck by which to throttle you? Have you a heart damn you internally!”(p.11-12). The man seemed to think he needed to carry a gun. As they walk down the road you look around and it’s a burned down city, with corpses hanging from doorways and laying on the ground. All the farther and son have for travels is a cart full of necessary items like blankets and little food, and their own legs to…show more content…
The father carries a pistol with him at all time and he put mirrors on the car making sure no one is behind him while walking to the south. As walking down the road they had seen dead bodies in old building or hanging from building that feared the man for his sons memories. They also feared weather changes “If they got wet there’d be no fires to dry by. If they got wet they would probably die”(p. 15). With fear of running out food that became the fathers biggest concern because they could no longer rely on natural resources to help them survive. The father, frightened by his own dreams, makes him think about death and he couldn’t sleep whenever he had this dream about a woman. The father mentions on how he fears all these things but never shows that he’s afraid towards the boy, so the boy can feel safe and smile more if he knows there not

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