Examples Of Economic Exclusion

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No person overtly chooses to live in poverty, however, many are forced to due to systems and institutions in place that do not allow them to fully and equally participate in the economy. The inability to participate equally in the economy due to severe economic impediments over a period of time that have made it difficult for one to escape impoverishment is known as economic exclusion. Economic exclusion is caused by a variety of factors with a central one being the trickle-down theory. Trickle-down economics revolves around the notion that benefits, such as tax reductions for the upper-class, will trickle down into wealth for the middle-class and lower-class. In the United States of America, trickle-down economics has been implemented periodically, which has given way for a multitude of ramifications, including rising costs, prejudices, discrimination, among more. Subsequently, a widespread culture deluged with economic exclusion has been created. Economic exclusion affects a fair division of the population, particularly among minority groups. These minority groups may include immigrants, people of color and women, among others. A powerful minority is responsible for this exclusion as they have the power to enforce institutions and structures, such as the trickle-down theory. The enforcement of these institutions and structures can be detrimental to the economic well-being of a division of the population. This minority group consists of those with great cultural, economic
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