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ACADAMIC WRITING ABDULMALIK ALHARBI FINAL EXAM ESSAY 1421511 In this paper I will discuss the electronic word of mouth among university students in regards to the hospitality and tourism business. However, before doing that we will briefly discuss what word of is. Word of mouth is a very plastic and interchanging term, meaning that across history is has always changed to include new variables and dimensions. Previously, word of mouth was defined as face to-face communication about products or companies between those people who were not commercial entities. However, later on it is was described as “all informal communications directed at other consumers about the ownership, usage, or characteristics of particular goods and services or their…show more content…
If anything, this demonstrates that the word of mouth is a very powerful tool for the field of marketing and facilitating word of mouth through digitizing it is considered an ingenious idea that I believe is heavily related to the maximization of the number of consumers in the business. An example of electronic word of mouth in regards to the hospitality business is the website Tripadvisor.com which is claimed to be the largest site for unbiased travel reviews by the company…show more content…
An important element in regards to electronic word of mouth is the subconscious influence people have on each other. Due to that influence Dicher and Haywood believe that it is only natural that marketers seek to manage interpersonal influence (Dichter 1966; Haywood 1989). However, it is evident that marketers are falling behind in terms of devising strategies for managing the electronic interpersonal influences. This is due to the fact that neuromas hospitality products are considered intangible and cannot be evaluated prior to its use- thus the need to lead to other individuals who previously tried the product. This is also especially accurate because a lot of the products related to the hospitality and tourism business are considered as high-risk purchases due to the very high prices associated with them and thus the emotional risk related to decision making and purchases in regards to this business is considered very

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