Examples Of Elizabeth Lying In The Crucible

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The Crucible Essay The following essay will illustrate how Elizabeth Proctor lying to protect her husband, John Proctor, is ironic and enhances the drama in the play The Crucible. In the play this event makes John look like a liar to the court. To save his life John must sign a confession that says he practiced witchcraft, he refuses. Unfortunately this event ultimately leads to the death of John Proctor. Throughout the essay I will explain why Elizabeth lying dramatizes the play. In the play The Crucible Elizabeth lies to protect her husband, however John had already told the truth to the court, this made him look like a liar. In the play Miller says "Answer my question! Is your husband a lecher!- Elizabeth, faintly: No, sir. -Danforth-: Remove her, Marshal.-Proctor: Elizabeth, tell the truth!-Danforth: She has spoken. Remove her!- Proctor, crying out: Elizabeth, I have confessed it! - Elizabeth: Oh, God!"(pg, 116). After this event Abigail and Mary begin to accuse him of witchcraft and because he had lied already he was put in jail. This event in the story is ironic because before this, John says his wife never lies, but she lies to protect him. This forces John to make a decision to sign the confession or protect his name. After John is put in jail, John is interrogated by Reverend Hale, Danforth, and Reverend Proctor. John eventually…show more content…
John tells the truth but Elizabeth lies to protect him which is ironic because He told the court she would never lie. John refuses to sign the confession to protect his family name and the people that look up to him, this event helps dramatize the play. Finally, Elizabeth living to the court and John not signing the confession lead to his death which dramatizes the play because of the death of the protagonist. Throughout the play I explained how this ironic event in the play dramatizes the
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