Examples Of Emasculation In Regeneration

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Another common fear during the First World war was emasculation. The loss of masculinity is mainly visible in the patients ' consciousness (Harris, 1998), thus in patients ' relationships, but also in dreams and nightmares and it is visible in Owen 's poetry as well. An extract in Regeneration that discusses the emasculation of the soldiers can be found in chapter four. Pat Barker already foreshadows on page 29 that emasculation is going to be an important theme in the chapter, as Anderson wonders if being locked up can be a "emasculating experience". The scene when Sassoon and Graves go swimming really emphasises the topic emasculation. Graves flashes his scar on his thigh, on which Sassoon comments: "An inch further down-" (Barker, 1992, p. 32). Graves reacts sensitively when he thinks that this comment will result in a ladies choir joke. This is the ultimate lack of masculinity when a man does not have his genital parts; the most important symbol for manliness. This paragraph is obviously about the emasculation, but the loss of masculinity is also visible in the relationship between Billy Prior and Sarah Lumb. Prior wants to discuss his feelings about and his experiences of the war with Sarah, but this is frowned upon by society (Saxová, 2007). This contempt of emasculations is also made clear in Owen 's "Disabled". This poem discusses the faith of a teen soldier who has lost his limbs in the trenches and is confined to his wheelchair, utterly helpless. Relationships
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