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Emotional intelligence is the capability of an individual to be able to recognize their own emotions and those of others, and recognize the different feelings and be able to label them.Emotional intelligence also refers to a number of skills including the following, self-control, self-awareness, sensitivity, self-motivation, and more.There are many tests to see if a person has a high emotional intelligence.I believe emotional intelligence is used for tons of things and it is also great for someone to have If someone has poor emotional intelligence they can lose their temper or become broken hearted easily.poor emotional intelligence can lead to certain disorders, violence, crimes, and self-harm. Emotional intelligence is not like any other…show more content…
One of my strongest parts of my emotional intelligence is self-motivation.I believe it is one of my strongest parts because I am constantly motivating myself to do things like try out for teams or try a new food that I have never see before or retry something that I failed at or simply getting up in the mornings even when I am feeling down.One of my weakest parts of my emotional intelligence is sensitivity I try to not hurt people and help them but if I 'm upset and then they ignore my feeling and expect me to deal with there 's I will become angry and walk away and try and not say something to make the situation worse I am trying hard to strengthen this part of me…show more content…
The parts of emotional intelligence include self-awareness,self-management, social awareness, and relationship management I 'm sure there are more parts of emotional intelligence but these are some of the main parts.self-awareness is being able to accurately perceive your emotions and stay aware of them throughout the day as they are happening.Self- management is being able to use the awareness and flexibility of your emotions and reflect them clearly on others.Social-awareness is being able to understand others emotions and figure out what is absolutely happening. The last one is relationship management it is being able to use your self-management and your social-management to be able to manage your interactions with other people. There are many habits of someone with a amazing emotional intelligence some of the there habits are a focus on the better sides of things instead of someone with poor emotional intelligence and seeing the negative side of things.they surround themselves with other people with great emotional intelligence.they set boundaries and can be assertive when necessary.They always let go of the past and focus on bettering their futures.they are also continually learning and growing towards their

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