Examples Of Empathy In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is a story about a man with old money and that consistently cheats on his wife. Tom and Daisy are both from old money in the Midwest. They get married and moved to the east. Once Tom was uninterested in Daisy, he had a mistress in New York. In the 1920’s F. Scott Fitzgerald had many troubles with his marriage. His novel, The Great Gatsby represents many aspects that were similar to his life. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, he used intellectual empathy by imagining himself through The Great Gatsby and many other stories and novels. In The Great Gatsby, Tom and Daisy are married quickly, but Tom cheats on Daisy many times with many diverse people. In the 1920’s is wasn’t likely to divorce their spouse and to marry someone else from a lower class. Throughout the novel The Great Gatsby, Daisy knows Tom has many affairs but stays with him, Tom and Daisy have an unusual and loving relationship, and the time period of the 1920’s that Daisy and Tom live in. Tom and…show more content…
They both cheat on each other and yet they come together at the end of the day and show their fondness and love for one another. “Tom’s got some woman in New York.” (Fitzgerald 15). Daisy and Jordan both know Tom is cheating on Daisy with some woman in the city. While Tom thinks he’s ingenious and doesn’t bring up his mistress when Jay and Daisy try to tell Tom that they want to be together. “‘Even that’s a lie,’ said Tom savagely. She didn’t know you were alive. Why- there’re things between Daisy and me that you’ll never know, things that neither of us can ever forget.” (Fitzgerald 132). Even when Tom knows that Daisy is cheating on him with Jay Gatsby, he contends his marriage and fights for her. After all the disputes and accusations, Tom and Daisy stay together and move away back to the Midwest. Conservely Tom and Daisy’s relationship only stayed together because of the time period they lived in and the social rules they were obliged
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