Examples Of Enslavement In A Knight's Tale

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Many people are enslaved in life. Whether that is with their job, family or state of mind. Everyone has a form of enslavement they encounter over their lifetime. The definition of enslavement is the feeling of being trap and controlled by something or someone. In the movie A Knight’s Tale William Thatcher, Geoffrey Chaucer and kate shows their form of enslavement and their virtues to overcome it. In A Knight's Tale William Thatcher is a brave knight that is impersonating royalty in order to fulfill his dreams, but only as someone else and can never be a knight with his true identity. Making his form of enslavement being someone he is not just to achieve his dreams. The virtues of William that helps him overcome his enslavement of being trap as someone else are that he is noble and caring. He show show his nobleness by helping his friends get food by completing in the competition putting his health on the side so they will not starve. He shows his other virtue of caring when he gives Geoffrey Chaucer another chance by paying off his gambling debt and giving him a second chance to change. These virtues that he possess overshadow his form of enslavement and …show more content…

Showing us his form of enslavement is his gambling problem. His virtues of enthusiasm and gratitude overshadow his form of enslavement because of the importance of each one. His first virtue of enthusiasm reveal his value to William when he uses it to introduce William for his matches, convincing everyone that William is one of the best in the world. His second virtue of gratitude is expressed at the end of the movie when he is around his friends and acknowledging each one of them by hugging them, showing us that he deeply cares and are thankful for them and their friendship. Making his virtues kill his form of enslavement causing him to be a better

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