Essay On Environmental Possibilism

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The Issue from the Geographic Perspective
Environmental Determinism Environmental conditions (climate, landforms, etc.) strongly affect the way humans think.
Overall culture of society is shaped by psychological impact. Those who live in rural areas in these countries have a lack of proper education, access and knowledge to technology.
Environmental Possibilism Social conditions determine the formation of culture. The environment only sets the limits. Those who are in the lower class especially the ones living in the rural areas are limited with education, knowledge, wealth and technology. But even so they can use this and do good with what they have to become better and reach a higher class in the society through hard work.

Cultural Determinism Culture drives political, economic, and social arrangements. Your culture = you. The issues like corruption and poverty are causing people to steal for there needs of the family which is starting to become like a cultural thing.
Cultural Ecology Culture is shaped by the processes involved in interacting w/ the environment (physical and biological). It is on how a land is divided with each other and how
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Because geography is the area all around it and using that we see how things came to be. Realizing all this, I didn’t know that geography could be this connected with the issues of these countries. In my opinion the things that geography wasn’t able to explain would be the start of corruption, or how can three different countries with three different geographic features and environment have the same problem. Since the roots of these problem would be because of something else. If we were just focusing on the geography then things might be different for this 3 countries since they are different
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