Examples Of Environmental Sustainability

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1. What is business law about? Business law consists of all laws that elaborate on the concepts of running a business. This includes all laws that dictate how to manage, start, close and buy a business. Business law establish rules that all businesses and people in the corporate world should follow. Business includes also state laws and administrative regulations. Business law is also known as the branch of law that applies to relations, rights and conduct of persons and other businesses engaged in trade, commerce, sales and merchandising, it also deals with other aspects of law such as public and private law. Business law also regulates corporate purchases and hiring practices. 2. What is environmental sustainability about? Environmental sustainability refers to the demands which are placed on the environment can be met without reducing its capacity and allow all living organisms including human to live well now and in the future. Over the years evidence has proven that we as humans are exceeding and eroding the earth’s maximum carrying capacity, and there a limits to growth on a planet. The effects are…show more content…
Why do you need to know about environmental sustainability in your personal life, and how it impacts you personally? I feel that the on-going issue with draught has been a problem in our country both socially and economically due to the fact that it puts financial strain in our economy merely because it affects the whole country, because water is a basic need not only to the country but to the world and the projects that are implemented to help tackle the draught issue are very costly and require a lot of work to maintain them both physically and financially, and I feel that it also affects the economy because it causes an inflation in food prices which is affected by the lack of staple food like maize and other affected crops, and in my personal opinion the issue of draught has not only crippled South Africa, but other countries across Southern Africa

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