Examples Of Envy In The Crucible

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The Lies, Envy, and Revenge
The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a work written about the Salem Witch Trials taken place in 1692. According to dictionary.com, a crucible is defined as: a severe, searching test or trial. “It is the essence of power that it accrues to those with the ability to determine the nature of the real.” (The Crucible)
While reading The Crucible, my high school experience immediately popped into my mind. Like Abigail, in my first 2 years of high school, I too was empowered with jealousy and rage. In The Crucible wicked gossip-mongers accused others of using witchcraft because they wanted them to be tried and hanged. Due to all of the jealousy and hatred, many lives were ruined and if you think about it, it is a lot like the
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I was so overwhelmed with envy and self loathing; it was slowly driving me mad. Abigail was looked down upon and shunned for the behavior that they found repulsive and infelicitous. Though I agree that what Abigail did wasn’t right, they still should have given her a little more respect because everyone makes mistakes. I feel as if she did everything just so she could be gifted with attention for once in her life. I struggled with some of the same issues; I was completely overlooked my whole life until I made the slightest mistake and that’s when you’re finally noticed, but not in a good way. Even though I really despised Abigail while reading The Crucible, I did feel sorry for her at times. She suffered from a depressing life because not only was she unmarried, but she was also an orphan. Her background doesn’t justify her actions, but it does give us a little more understanding of why she did all of those despicable…show more content…
I also understood how terrifying it must have been for the people living in Salem at the time. If the girls weren’t fond of you, they’d accuse you of the worst sin imaginable, worshiping the devil of course. This made me think critically of how I would have acted if I was living in Salem during this dark time. It also forces the viewer to analyze how they perceive the people around them. I felt as if the accused citizens had little to no chance due to the fact that they would choose the young girls’ word for it over theirs. Today being falsely accused is not uncommon, it actually happens quite frequently. Being judged by your peers is pretty normal now too which I find extremely sad. I truly believe that too often it is caused by envy, rage, and thirst for revenge. I constantly hear my peers discussing issues before they even know the facts, they are just too quick to judge. Also, people tend to just go along with what their friends and family say; they fail to have their own opinions. Take the Ferguson case for example; too many people decide to say who is at fault even though they know very little about the incident. Even after the facts are revealed, they still fail to change their mind. We judge others before we even pause to give them a chance to explain. Though I feel like it is wrong and abhorrent, I too am guilty of doing this. Too often
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