Epiphany Analysis

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Everyone experiences epiphanies, which are some revealing moments help us to realize something in a deeper sense. From then, we can see the world in a whole different way. They do not need to be legendary, they can be small but still insightful. The moment Newton hits by the falling apple and comes up with his theory of gravity is an epiphany. However, a rapacious old man finally appreciates the beauty of generosity after being identified with a fatal disease is also an epiphany. In Jesus’ Son, Fuckhead faces these moments of realization as well. He is originally a reckless druggy and alcoholic. No one really expects him to get into a detox willingly and take a new approach to life in the end. Therefore, Jesus’ Son affirms the legitimacy of…show more content…
Life has no take two. In “Out on Bail”, Fuckhead recalls his friend, Jack Hotel. This young man is renowned for his great drinking tolerance. One day, Fuckhead and Hotel buy heroin with all the money they cheat together, and then they are back to find their girlfriends respectively. "As for Hotel, who was in exactly the same shape I was and carrying just as much heroin… and his breath failed without anybody 's noticing. He simply went under. He died. I am still alive" (34). Fuckhead is survived because can find his girlfriend, share the heroin with her, and she helps to wake him up when he has overdosed; Hotel is lifeless because he cannot find his. What if it is Fuckhead cannot find his girlfriend? What if she does not drink? What if she is overdosed and passes out as well? He is just a step away from death. Therefore, he feels so unreal to find out he is still alive. In “Beverly Home”, he expresses how graceful that his life does not stop like that. He comes up with the epiphany when his girlfriend tells him how vulnerable people can be. "People just like us, but unluckier. I was full of a sweet pity for them as we lay in the sunny little room, said that they would never live again, drunk with sadness, I couldn 't get enough of it” (132). Regardless of how challenging or pleasant your life is, living is simply amazing. Without the chance of being alive, we can never experience, feel, or start…show more content…
Although he has sex with lots of women, he barely shares his thoughts or gets any spiritually support from them. He is alone, and he never feels fulfilled or contented. In “Beverly Home”, he mentions Chris, a man he meets in detox. Chris asks, “Did you ever walk around like that past the houses with their curtains in the windows, and you feel like you’re dragging a cart of sins behind you, and did you ever think: Behind those windows, behind those curtains, people are leading normal, happy life?” (126). Same as Chris, Fuckhead is yearning for some normal relationships. He wants to be wanted. However, no one ever teaches him how to love or be loved. Eventually, he develops an abnormal habit—stalking on a Mennonites woman and her husband and observing how normal people live their lives. He also emphasizes he has a zealous lust to watch them having sex—the primitive way of demonstrating love. There is a scene: the wife is upset by her husband, and she keeps grieving. After a while, the husband is back and apologies to her. The man makes his concession by getting down in front of her and starts washing her feet. That is the moment of epiphany, Fuckhead sees the true meaning of love. A healthy relationship needs something far more than sex. It requires of love, exchange of minds, compromise and sacrifice, but it allows us to improve ourselves. Later, he gives up the Mediterranean woman he is dating. Then, he knows another woman,
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