Examples Of Epistemology In Teacher Education

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Teaching and Teacher Education

In order to examine the student-teachers believe about the nature of knowledge which also knows as the epistemological beliefs .In the present literature, there has been an development of the framework of epistemological beliefs to include beliefs about the nature of knowledge and knowledge acquisition. Educators and researchers often argue that teachers’ beliefs and value systems will shape their conceptions and practical theories in classroom teaching, eventually influencing their instructional strategies and performance in the classroom. When applied to the teacher education context, student-teachers’ beliefs are one of the variables affecting student teachers’ classroom practices at the behaviour level. The extent to which initial teacher education programs can impact on student teachers’ beliefs and hence their classroom practices is a concern in teacher education. The preparation of prospective teachers to engage in effective classroom practices is critical to the quality of school education.
Epistemology can be defined as the investigation of the nature and extent of learning and defended conviction. It breaks down the idea of information and how it identifies with comparable thoughts, for example, truth, conviction and legitimization. It likewise manages the methods for creation of information, and also wariness about various learning claims. It is essentially about issues doing with the creation and spread of learning specifically

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