The Importance Of Equality

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Every person of every race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender deserves equal rights and equality to every extent but, unfortunately many countries do not provide this. There are many explanations of why we deserve equality. Whether this include the small things like, equal pay for women or even the bigger things like, murdering those that do not meet the, so called, “standards” in other countries.
To introduce the idea of equality for the LGBTQ community, people are dying for being themselves. They do not harm others nor do anything bad, but they get in trouble for being gay or transgender? For instance, 2016 more people were killed in the U.S for being LGBT than any other year recorded. “Excluding Pulse victims, 28 Americans
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Even suicide and depression rates have gone up due to this inequality. We can start at the small things and grow together. Work Cited:
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