Examples Of Equality In Education

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Equality in the education arena is linked with achievement, fairness, and opportunity. Depending on location, the likeliness of a person success or failure in life can be determined. Education is a guide to Upper, Moderate or Lower social class in American society. The environmental surrounding and resources greatly reflects the future. Any missing piece can place a child at a disadvantage to wealth with overwhelming misfortune of missed opportunities to witness the American value. These standards of equality start in the beginning lifecycle before birth. Being able to observe interactions among high school students will allow me to see just how these positive and negative equality effects diversity among neighborhoods in our high school. Corporations are looking for diverse individuals to make changes to their bottom line figures and simultaneously fit into their culture.

Keywords: Equality
Perception of Equality in Education
Moving from Lower class to Upper class is the opportunity to obtain a decent education that will changes the financial welfare a person. When the parent of child is uneducated, it is more
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whites cluster together on side of the gym and black on the other side. One light skinned black female was in the Caucasian crowd and the mixed origin joined the Black group. While walking half a mile to the empty wide field, each group remain separated except the boys have now separated from the girls. This is typical among Generation Z group, so this was not alarming. During the study session about baseball, the Caucasian male and female students appeared more knowledge; however, 1 or two black males showed interest as well. Captains chosen were a white female and a black male. The captains picked their teams taking alternating turns. Up till this point the class was segregated. The teams were evenly disputed, and Coach Walker did not have to
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