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Generally, as Keshavarz (1999, p. 11) stated, "…there have been two major approaches to the study of learners ' errors, namely Contrastive Analysis and Error Analysis." He further discussed that, "Error Analysis emerged on account of the shortcomings of Contrastive Analysis which was the favoured way of describing learners ' language in the 1950s and 1960s" (p. 42). The process involved in CA is the comparison of learners ' mother tongue and the target language. Based on the similarities or differences between two languages, predictions were made on errors that learners would be likely or disposed to make as a result (Kim, 2001). Unlike CA which tries to describe differences and similarities of L1 and L2, James (1998 cited in Kim, 2001)…show more content…
Errors are systematic and may give valuable insight into language acquisition because they are goofs in the learner’s underlying competence. When native speakers make mistakes, they can identify and correct them immediately because they have almost full knowledge of the linguistic structure of their mother tongue (Scovel 2001). Non-native speakers, L2 learners not only make mistakes, they also commit errors and as they have only an incomplete knowledge of the target language, they are not always able to correct the errors that they make. Thus the learners’ errors reflect a lack of underlying competence in the language that they are learning.
Researchers dealing with second language acquisition (Corder, 1974, Scovel, 2001) agree that one of the major causes of errors is language transfer. Yet, we can mention other related errors’ sources as follow: 1. Language transfer or inter lingual interference. In this type, errors are caused by mother tongue interference. Intra lingual interference: this kind of errors occurs during the learning process of the second language at a stage when the learners have not really acquired the knowledge. In addition, errors are also caused by the difficulty or the problem of language itself.
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